Friday 31 March 2017

The dozen times you knew you should start travelling solo ..

# 1 - The 'Compulsion' moment
Work nowadays takes us everywhere. You have been exiled from your friends and family to a distant land and forced to live life on your own. 

# 2 - The 'She's a Weirdo' moment
Your idea of a perfect holiday meets with looks of disbelief from your friends and family.

# 3 - The 'Ditched!' moment
It’s long weekend and you are spending it in bed, just because your travel companion(s) changed plans at the last minute.

# 4 - The 'Itchy feet' moment
You suddenly realise you have holidays due before the year-end, but none of your friends are available.

# 5 - The 'Grumpy foodie' moment
On the last holiday with your friends, you were voted out on meal choice and everyone went to Mac, or the other way round.
# 6 - The 'Impulsive' moment
You were following your friends through the museum gates as per the day's plan, when you realise the weather is too glorious to spend indoors.

# 7 - The 'I do what I want' moment
It is cold, wet and miserable, and you are the only one at the breakfast table, raring to go for a wander around town.

# 8 - The 'Learning experience' moment
You have unsuccessfully tried to convince your friends that purchasing the wrong train tickets was indeed a learning experience.

# 9 - The 'Little surprises' moment 
You have lost your way for the umpteenth time! But your friends do not appreciate that you have ended up in a pretty corner of the town, away from the tourists.

# 10 - The 'Missing the immersive experience' moment
You returned home from a fun holiday in a different culture with friends, yet feel you never left home.

# 11 - The 'Fairy tale' moment
You secretly wish you would bump into your Prince Charming (or even the Seven Dwarfs).

# 12 - The 'Must do' moment
Just because solo travel is in your list of ‘Things to do before...’

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