Friday 2 September 2016


It is always good to be back home

My Facebook post from 18th August

Howrah bridge over Hooghly during monsoon
The iconic Howrah bridge on a heavily silted river Hooghly during monsoon 

Halooo everyone!! Have you missed me? If you have, the good news is I am back! If you haven't, then ... :(

So what's been happening?

Well...the first few weeks were incredibly busy as I packed up for my big move to my more permanent home here in India. Once back, after a very adventurous flight, it took me a few days simply getting used to the familiarity of being home, to be suddenly surrounded by family and oh yes, embracing the weather. The monsoon is in full force. Have experienced torrential rains spaced out by intermittent days of complete lull. Hot, humid and very sticky days. Luckily I also managed to get the tail end of the mango and hilsa season (that's the best fish in the world!), so has been a feast everyday at home. Have tried to stay away from a variety of street foods till now, but have eventually given in! So here I am now, trying to be regular. I have started to work on my blogs once again. In the last couple of days have posted the second part of my Iceland trip. If you have missed, the link is on my timeline lower down. Currently am working on the final instalment of my aurora hunt which should be on in the next few days...and then there is more to come. All the holidays I crammed in the last few days of my stay in stay tuned!!!
Hope you are enjoying following as much as I enjoy sharing with you lovely people. A big thanks for your support! Thought would share some random snaps from the last few days - all captured on my mobile phone camera (too lazy for my proper camera)

Monsoon clouds
Monsoon clouds hover
Monsoon night torrential rain
A night of torrential rain
After the rains
After the rains
Hilsa in mustard paste
Hilsa cooked in mustard paste and green chillies with a generous dollop of mustard oil at the end - a very Bengali dish
Snacking Bengali style - Mutton roll
Snacking in Bengali style - Mutton roll

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